Considering voice automation for your restaurant drive-thrus?
Find out what makes voice ordering a fast and satisfying experience. Be sure the technology you select works well in snow and wind, recognizes accents, and is quick to set up.

The right voice AI moves customers faster through drive-thru lanes, improves accuracy and lets your staff focus on high-value tasks like food prep and serving customers.

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Know What’s Essential with Drive-Thru Voice Assistants
Drive-thrus are notorious for where they are located and the conditions they operate under: noisy urban areas or near highways, in rain, wind or snow. And the quality of the microphones and speakers may differ greatly. Can the voice AI software operate under challenging conditions?

This is one of a handful of questions you should be asking if you’re considering a voice AI system for your restaurant, including:

  1. Is the quality of voice interaction natural and conversational?
  2. Does it work well in challenging physical conditions?
  3. How quickly can you get your menu data up and running?
  4. Can the technology easily recognize a range of accents and common expressions?
  5. Does the vendor have the experience to help you build an intuitive voice UI/UX?
  6. Is the drive-thru part of an end-to-end platform that includes phone, kiosk, and tableside ordering?
Read this buyer’s guide to know what you need to know about your next drive-thru voice assistant purchase.